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Here's a rule of thumb that will help you: If you believe that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a very detrimental experience. --- Abraham

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Sunday, June 24, 2012,
guess one gets what they put in.


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Uncle wisdom

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

page by ray howard

~muriel walton

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Purge Overkill - Florida's Voter Registration Law John Oliver investigates Florida Governor Rick Scott's law requiring new voters to submit completed registration forms within 48 hours of filling them out.

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,


jane defalco


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where u buy your flip flops could save your life

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

At least 4 workers have been killed in a series of glue poisoning cases in Guangzhou.

Chen Xilong (陈锡隆), one of the victims fortunate enough to survive, is suffering from massive memory loss and impaired cognition, while also experiencing great difficulty in speaking, in addition to other symptoms. When asked what one plus two is, he gave the answer "four" and reportedly smiled afterwards.

Dichloroethane, the main ing...

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Should we be advertising Welfare on the radio?

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,


i heard the same ad on florida radio.  also for free cell phones for poor.

if welfare has quadrupled and we have no money why are we advertising the hip cool snap program... make it access instead of ebt.  radios all over the country must have gotten funding. what a waste.

no need to advertize the ones in need of the programs are listening to their new iphones.  all poor people waste mo...
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this explains that dollar store smell ugh always wear socks to prevent foot cancer if wearing shoes from china

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

(NaturalNews) Walk into a shoe shop today and typically you'll be overwhelmed, not by the wonderful smell of leather, but of plastics, glues and other chemicals. You'll notice that shoes don't last as long, the thin leather wearing easily away, the soles breaking up, the straps coming loose.

It seems that the majority of shoes are now made in China. Shoes from China are typically cheaper than those from other countries. As people arou...
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camping in New Hampsire cooler weather calling

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

Free and low cost camping in New Hampshire. 

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What's the radiation risk from airline flying?

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

Flying involves inherently dangerous elements—complex mechanical equipment, harsh environments, crowded airspace. Air & Space reader Jon Day asks about an additional risk for frequent fliers: radiation exposure.

Because Earth's atmosphere shields us from cosmic radiation—the denser the atmosphere, the greater the protection—flying in the upper, thinner portion of the atmosphere increases your radiation exposure. The amount double...

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top 10 gadgets 4 windows 7

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

debra shinder

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cash for old electronics

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

eBay Instant Sale is a tool for you to get cash for your smartphone, laptop, iPod, GPS, or other electronic device in three easy steps:

  1. Tell us the condition of your device
  2. Print off the free shipping label
  3. Mail it in

Once the device is received and assessed, the money will be deposited in your PayPal account within five (5) business days. If the item doesn’t have a resale value at all, you will still get a free shipping label and we will make sure it...

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head elevation

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

Migraines have been associated with brain edema. When the brain develops edema it has decreased levels of oxygen and sugar, which the brain needs to function. Migraine triggers are simply any stimulus that activates the brain, further increasing a congested brain’s requirement for oxygen and sugar. To receive these nutrients, the brain must increase its blood circulation. It does this by opening up, or dilating, the arteries to the brain and with...

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as deaf people saw it

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

Here's the video I was telling you about….


Don E. Cook

Subject: Fwd: Obama's wife as seen by deaf people




Please pass this on to your list.  What a display of unAmerican culture from these two.  I hope we’ve all had enough of this disregard for our history and what we stand for.



Obama and his wife were attending The 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and

watched as the Color Guard folded the flag into a triangular shape,

according to custom.


A video camera caught the two from the sidelines.  Obama's w...

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culture is killing us

Posted by Squatters Butterfly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012,

http://killerculture.com/ KILLER CULTURE
Are you sick of being sick? We are all victims of culturogenic, or culture-caused, disease. Modern culture and the unhealthy lifestyles it has created are the leading cause of sickness and death in the world today. From birth to death, our culture owns us, defines us, and programs us to do things that defy our natural health needs. But we don't need to be victims anymore.

This is your portal to powerful information on how to avoid and cure our most commo...

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