Why was this taught in middle school marching band? I don't know.  Other songs out there could get the  do re mi point across couldn't they?  But then it wouldn't be a hootenanny, would it? 
Hours and hours of drum tapping ...big red goose is dead,  maybe that is why I don't play today. Take a listen and you' can feel like slitting your throat;)

"Go Tell Aunt Rody the Big Red Goose is dead."


From the LP This Land is Your Land, released in 1966 (originally released as "Hootenanny" in 1964. Produced by Tom Glazer.

I'm gonna write me a hootenanny  "go tell toledo the american auto industry is dead"  
sounds like a band-aid to me.   if the auto bailout follows the banking bailout then we will give money only to be charged more for cars.  The giving doesn't roll down hill like the sh*t.How bout saving the hot dog carts across america? I mean.. grand daddy had a cart, daddy had a cart and I thought I was going to get a cart and sell hot dogs till the day I retired.  (Am I rallying a hot dog union?)

Eat healthy..., all this lips and a**hole talk is hurting hot dog sales