Americans are sick of promises

use campaign money to help cities and let media word of mouth  be advertisement

like oh so and so used his campaign money to fix our roads instead of paying for another commercial slinging mud at his or her opponents

don't tell us what you are going to do, use the billions in campaign dollars to show us what you can do.  all the news networks will report what you've done.   Its a win win.

then you can post your plan about the things you ramble on about in your long speeches on your webpage and let the people come to you to read it.  use technology not jet fuel and skype

We are tired of hear the same old rhythms, crescendos, and learned public speaking hand gestures.  We are bored with promises.  Take the money you would use for your image on a billboard and rebuild Detroit or feed some kids in a city.  That will attract attention hence news networks report and even if you lose the presidential race the money won't be wasted.

just a frustrated full moon thought