They will buy insurance when they get older and need it.  Why do you think they won't?  They need the money now. 

Why not say everyone has to exercise
 Justice Scalia To Donald Verrilli

My point:  If you don't buy insurance there is no consequence.   They are setting people up to break the law.  One more question on the application: Why didn't you buy the required health insurance?  We check box and get assistance.  Their claim is that most people will comply.  Punishing the good people who can barely afford the required insurance but do because they don't want to break the law.  While  no one is bring up our offer to assistance to illegal aliens and their families, begging them to work in our country.  Why?  That may have contributed to the increase.  I feel it is like the gun laws.  Punishing the honest person not the criminals.  Honest people on a budget will get scared and buy the insurance.  I don't think this will touch the issue.