If I work at Walmart full time yet still qualify for public assistance

However walmart my company, at the same time at writing my check is printing checks spending billions of dollar funds for people outside my country.

Its like mom giving the neighbor kid my cereal in the morning telling me that at the end of the day I will feel like the neighbor and somehow be energized.

you say stop being so Selfish ma bell "American" 
Open my mind, human life needs to be saved around the world
help the weak

It is the weak helping the weak.  That will only weaken America

If I worked at walmart and made great wadges and benefits then I could 
buy more, choose to donate and help the weak. 

If we spread ourselves to thin the manure disappears into the ground and just becomes particles of bacteria.  Ecoli lacing but not fertilizing. 

One world One love must be ourselves first then we can donate, otherwise the quality of love will be diminished 

It wont be a hand up or hand out but a handshake, nice to meet you at the bottom of the barrel.

Lowered expectations