Name Joseph Martonosy
Message Your 'vent' was very insiteful. I agree with you that we Americans are spoiled, and wish there was a way to make the country realize that we need to self sustain as a country. People need to learn how to create. As a country we import 76 percent of our produce alone. Even if that was the only thing we stopped importing, the amonnt of revenue saved on it would help our economy. If u tell most of the people in our country you want to be a farmer, for instance, they will ask you, 'why would you want to do that? There is no money in it.' Food is one of the resources that we will always need. How could that be a bad investment? I think we need to start a farm reform and teach or learn how to be self reliant. Aqua culture we could do in our back yards and produce probably enough to sustain our households. we need to do this before the corperations own the patents to all the seeds, and we wont be allowed without getting sued. People don't realize how close we are to that. Round up already owns the patten for soy beans and corn. If Joe shmoe grows his own seeds across the street from a farmer who grows pattented seeds and tries to save his seeds from his crop, he is now guilty of patten infringment, because his neihbor's plants cross polanated his. I think the corperations should sue the bees too. After all they are the ones who have done the pollenation. This is just one example of our craziness (laziness). American cars are made in Japan and assembled here. What is really made in America? What does it mean? I think we have forgot. Someone needs to remind us. I try to teach my 6yr old that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. And hope the world wont teach him that he can't, because there's no money in it.