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 I work self-employed as  Naples Computer Gal, a computer consultant in Naples Floirda.  I studied the acting, artist, direction of Milton Katselas

Milton started the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  One of my computer consulting clients  David James Alexander was a student of Miltons.  David and I bartered computer lessons for acting lessons.  David studied and lived in Hollywood for 20 years before being told he had 6 months to live.  He couldn't afford to stay there not working and had to come to Naples Florida to live in his mom's condo. Ironically, his last movie was Shafted

In spite of my developed technical side, I was always drawn to acting but more from the writing subtext sense angle.  I took classes at GCC and ECC but didn't have the desire to perform the same shows over and over.  I learned I could sing and was given many tools from my instructors.

 However this was nothing compared to the life skills I received from David.   Through the study I learned to have administration over my life.  I learned to "handle it now", be accountable, personal due diligence in every interaction.  I learned  I can only play my part.  When I start what what I call yardstickin.  Comparing myself to others in anyway I have begun to lose from my creative supply, my core personal truth.  

The artist must always find and know his roots in every moment.  My first lesson was to choose a monologue.  This is what I chose.


“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.Watch your words, for they become actions.Watch your actions, for they become habits.Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

David's response was that I needed confidence and permission.  

And from that point he shared a totally different acting approach.  He told me how Milton was his one teacher and with his very humble approach to teaching, he encouraged me to explore the subtext that I loved in every scene.  In 2003 David and I formed Wartznall Production and created short stories.  I used my technical skills to video edit and he used his creative acting skills to lead and show me creative approaches to life's frustrations.   We were catalyst and supported each-other. with humor 

We went on many adventures together.  One being cold weather camping for 3 weeks in Earle Ark. to film a documentary about the wm3.org. I went to school with Jessie MissKelley and it was a personal interest for me to make "Buckle Of The Belt".  We had to go twice because the new camera was faulty.  We made short movies less than 15min long due to lack of hard drive space.   "Mschiff  The Clown", "The Guard Shack", "Inner Life" "The Daughter", "Skitzo Moment", "The Modem", "Hands", "I'm so happy." I learned many lessons as I discovered my own process.

My intent is for my daughter to be able to refer to my art so that she can learn what David Alexander and Milton Katselas exposed to me. I learned to have an Artistic Killer attitude.   Handling  my personal due diligence, and administration moment by moment

and now I have the confidence and the permission to act on what I study

David Alaxander and I were wartznall productions,  humor in tragagy.  we both felt the best it can ever get is funny.

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