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 My 4 year old said her name was squatters butterfly one day during role play.  I laughed at the irony.  Read about Squatter Rights. Sounds like stealing to me.  Squatters do not own, rent or otherwise have permission to use the land they occupy. Yet they don't mind couching it and claiming it. 

 Through Play with my daughter Kayla I feel rediscovered.

 Our dolls carry a theme with satire, love,  and sometimes a message of wisdom.  Our Angel with a broken wing and cup handle says it all.  She is still functional as a potted plant. 

 Squatter dolls

are 100 percent American Made in Naples Florida.  

  They are made by an American 4 year old girl and her crazy mother.  

Squatter Dolls have a unique quality. All of them made by hand with love. 

 Custom Order your own Squatter Doll for any occasion.  

Preserve your memories in this unique way. 

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